Support For Lapid, Gantz Rises In New Poll Following Hamas Ceasefire

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Support for opposition leader Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid party) and Blue and White party chairman Benny Gantz has modestly increased since Israel entered a ceasefire agreement with Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, a new poll released on Sunday found.

The survey, taken by Hebrew-language broadcaster Channel 12 and published Sunday evening, shows that if elections were held today, Lapid would receive 21 seats in the Knesset (Israel Parliament), an increase of four from the last election in March 2021.

A separate poll published by another broadcaster, Channel 13, found the Yesh Atid leader earning 22 mandates.

Meanwhile, the Channel 12 poll shows Gantz, who also serves as Israel’s Defense Minister and Alternate Prime Minister, earning 10 seats, two better than his previous election tally.

As for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the poll finds no change in popularity for the premier’s Likud party, which would again receive 30 seats just as in the last election.

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  1. The unorthodox run the eyes of the middle east. If we can not see wellness why send a worthless worried mamzer to do Davids job when the luck of man is so far away from lapse that christian themes dream the eyes of mankind.

    This makes any jew angry because a disproportionate response if any is so humbling that the natuve wake up and shave yet another beard. The luck of a jew in America is light a scary time today and I intend to never feel a fame to alter health to fit the men in the worst of our dreams. We are jews.

  2. As a frum news source, I don’t think you should be reporting about the increased popularity of the rabid anti religious Lapid. This will serve to give him momentum

    • You’re right that Lapid is as anti-religious as they come but what exactly has Bibi done about buses not running on Shabbos and pork stores? Lapid, in the long run would try to do more for chareidim they should vote him in again, like, not imposing army service for Yeshiva boys and frum girls.


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