Supreme Court Denies Democrats’ Bid To Fast-Track Trump Financial Records


The Supreme Court on Monday denied a request by House Democrats to accelerate the timeline of remaining court battles over congressional subpoenas for President Trump’s tax returns.

The bid by lawmakers came in response to the court’s landmark 7-2 ruling earlier this month to shield a trove of Trump’s financial records from several Democratic-led House committees and return the dispute to lower courts for further litigation.

Under regular Supreme Court procedure, the ruling would reach the lower courts no earlier than Aug. 3, a delay Democrats sought to avoid by asking the justices to expedite the process.

But the conservative-majority court rejected that request Monday in an unsigned order. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, one of the more liberal justices, said she would have granted it.

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  1. another waste of taxpayers money by the DemocRATS.
    they should all wear witch costumes with their witchhunt #2.
    how about pictures of these people riding a brooooom?

  2. It’s the job of the IRS to make sure all the finances and taxes of a citizen are up to date. It’s not the job of Congress or some reporter for CNN. I just don’t get what this whole hullabaloo is about. It’s no ones business what I have in my savings or checking account. Why should it be public knowledge?


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