Supreme Court Rejects Petition Against Kapporos

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Israel’s Supreme Court rejected outright a petition filed last week against the practice of using chickens for kapparos.

The petition, filed by former Interior Minister Avraham Poraz, requested that the Supreme Court order Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel and Israel Police to act against and prosecute those performing the kapparos ritual with a chicken.

However, the Supreme Court rejected the petition, in part because it was submitted four business days prior to Yom Kippur.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. The self-appointed supreme court should mind their own business and stop meddling in affairs that doesn’t belong to them; i.e. religious affairs and governmental affairs.

    Even had they not rejected Peta’s or Poraz’s petition, nothing would have changed as those using chickens (which is al pi kabbalah) will continue doing so.

  2. wow of all places israel is becoming like stalinist russia. for following your religion and doing kaporos as recorded since the geonim with chickens (money is only a recent thing instituted 150 yrs ago for people who cant afford), you could have the police arresting you and prosecuting you. as anonymous pointed out, those who have been doing it wont stop, and we all know what that means – very ugly pictures in the news on motzei yom kippur (probably similar to those of the hafganos). although i understand it was thrown out, – but not because of the many reasons for it to be thrown out, rather because it was too late!!!! all they need is to come a bit timely next year and …….

  3. Unless you own chickens on your farm, or on your rural Towns
    , you should use money.
    Don’t let thousands of chickens be brought in to city with many dying and being unfit for shechting,
    Every year chickens were being squashed and not treated with care after kaparos.


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