Surfside Condo Wreckage Hints At First Signs Of Possible Construction Flaw

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Engineers who have visited or examined photos of the wreckage of the Champlain Towers South condominium complex have been struck by a possible flaw in its construction: Critical places near the base of the building appeared to use less steel reinforcement than called for in the project’s original design drawings.

The observation is the first detail to emerge pointing to a potential problem in the quality of construction of the 13-story condo tower in Surfside, Fla., that collapsed last month, killing at least 24 and leaving at least 124 still unaccounted for.

Reached by phone, Allyn E. Kilsheimer, a forensic engineering expert hired by the town of Surfside to investigate the collapse, said the investigation was still in its early stages. But he confirmed there were signs that the amount of steel used to connect concrete slabs below a parking deck to the building’s vertical columns might be less than what the project’s initial plans specified.

“The bars might not be arranged like the original drawings call for,” Mr. Kilsheimer said in an interview. He said he would need to inspect the rubble more closely to determine whether in fact the slab-to-column connections contained less steel than expected.

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  1. As always, slum landlords & developers try their best to cheat on their gullible clients, to save a few dollars, even if it means some of their worthless tenants get hurt or killed. The original builder/contractor is dead so nothing will come from a “guilty” verdict.

  2. The same corrupt politicians on 9/11 who told you that 2 empty aluminum airplanes flew into the top floors of two 102 stories steel and concrete buildings, causing fire from the bottom floors up, burning the buildings down to ground zero in less 1.5 hours and the only thing “found” were the pilots passports. What a miracle…..

    This relatively new condo suddenly had construction problems. So coincidental that it happened precisely after McAfee revealed discriminating evidence against the deep state hidden in his condo in that building. How convenient.

    • And what about the bubu massa that they initially put out that passengers on the doomed flight were making these lengthy phone calls to their loved ones using their cellphones? Have you ever been able to make a phone call flying at 35000 feet? Why was the story suddenly taken down and wiped clean from any & all media forms? What is OUR government covering up and why? This is the same government that commands us to wear masks and put plastic partitions between the Baal koreh and the person getting an aliyah. ARE YOU PEOPLE THAT STUPID???


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