Survey: Israelis Prefer Clinton In White House, More Confident In Trump On Security

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The latest Peace Index poll by the Israel Democracy Institute, released on Monday, shows that Israelis believe Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will serve Israel’s interests in the White House better than Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Forty-percent of respondents, according to the survey, believe that Clinton would be better for Israel in the White House, compared to 31 percent who believe the same about Trump.

Yet 62 percent of the respondents answered in the affirmative when asked, “In your opinion, if Trump is elected the next American president, will he be committed to safeguarding Israel’s security?” In response to a similar question about Clinton, only 48 percent answered yes.

The survey said that it saw a high rate of respondents who could not give an answer, explaining that this situation “may indicate that the Jewish public is not enthused with either of the two candidates in terms of Israeli interests. It is also possible that the Israeli public is influenced by the mood in the United States, where the picture of the public’s preferences is likewise unclear at present.”




  1. Did they poll in the most elitist district of Tel-Aviv?! Sure, those guys will have a much greater personal benefit from Hillary in the office. Benefit for the Jewish people?-those elitists couldn’t care less.

  2. When faced with choosing from two such unpalatable (IMO) candidates, the best thing to do is make a “T” chart listing the issues you consider important and where each candidate stands on each issue. This may help you make a choice based on logic even if your visceral reaction to that candidate is extremely negative.

    For me, issues of importance are:
    -Social policy
    -Fiscal policy
    -Foreign policy (non-Israel related, including Eastern Europe, South America, China)
    -Foreign policy (Israel related, including support in the U.N, pressure re: construction in Jerusalem and other disputed areas, support vs Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and other bad actors)

    Trump’s lack of track record, lack of knowledge and changing positions make it somewhat difficult to pin down what he’d do in many situations. Clinton has a track record, but her pledges and stated positions may be what she deemed expedient to say at the moment rather than her true positions. Factoring these issues into our equation, we must decide to the best of our abilities what the candidates would actually do, how important each issue is, how different each candidate’s position is on each issue, and vote based on these points.

  3. I don’t believe this ‘survey” for a second-another self-serving LEFTIST survey that –“SURPRISE” comes out the way the surveyors wanted.


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