Survey: Men Are Much More Likely to Rely on GPS Than Women

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gpsThe next time you hear a male driver boast about his gender’s superior ability to arrive at a destination without getting lost, note that it may be because he and his XY brethren are getting more help in the form of GPS navigation systems.

Australian insurance company AAMI recently undertook a survey to find out more about the use of in-car navigation systems and was surprised to find that Australian men relied on GPS at a significantly higher rate than did women. Sixty-four percent of male drivers copping to nav use, compared with just 50 percent of women.

An AAMI representative called the results “surprising” and said the company “thought it would have been a little more even and maybe even slanted in favor of women.”

The study also showed that younger drivers were more likely to rely on GPS devices to find their way.

So what does our American audience think? Is there something inherently different about our nation’s nav-system use, or would a similar study conducted here look about the same?


{ Newscenter}


  1. Skewered results. Just because they have it, or use it, doesnt mean they rely on it. Men also will often will travel more. Women might not use them as much, as they are not as in love with gadgets.

  2. As usual faulty survey.
    Did they ask the question on who drives more – men or women? How about who drives more to places one never went to before – men or women?

  3. I am a woman and I’d rather rely on a map than on GPS. I like to know where and how I will be travelling before I rely on a device to show me. I’ve gotten around fine for the past 60 years without a GPS and plan on getting around for another 60 years the same way.

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