Survey: Rich Can’t Get By On Just A Million

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moneyHow tough! Most millionaire investors are just not feeling very wealthy any longer – only about 3 out of 10 experience that warm glow of good fortune.

A million just is not what it used to be.

And most in this elite group won’t consider themselves wealthy until they have a whopping $5 million in assets and no financial pain, according to a surprising new survey.

There might be a good reason: Four out of five with adult children are offering financial assistance to their adult children, grandchildren and older parents.

And about 1 in 5 is sharing a home with these adult kids.

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  1. Its really hard. After you have invested in your fourth luxury automobile, your excess swimming pool and indoor work out spaces not to mention you have booked several flights to the Bahamas, that million dollars does not go far. Not to mention that you still never bought a set of Talmud either huh?

  2. thats because the millionaire today is afraid he will need to spend a large amount of money on something & then he will go under the amount of a millionaire left in cash. thus he brings himself lots of fear, worry & stress.


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