Susan Collins Voting Against Amy Barrett Over Timing

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Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said Sunday she will vote against Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

“When the Senate considers nominees to the United States Supreme Court, it is particularly important that we act fairly and consistently,” Collins said in a prepared statement. “Because this vote is occurring prior to the election, I will vote against the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.”

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  1. Susan, you RINO , you just lost on Election Day against your Dem opponent.
    When will they realize that by distancing themselves from Trump , 98% lose ?

  2. What a dumb RINO. She’s even worse than the Dems! Qualifications means nothing! Technicalities is theee most important issue to her. How did she ever get elected in the first place? What a dumbo!

  3. Classic example of “cutting off the nose to spite the face”. This lady just made a big mistake that will forever be an embarrassment for her wherever she goes.


      Yes, her claim is that her whole “Y’sod” – her whole philosophical principle is that we should not be deciding on putting in a new Supreme Court judge so close to a Presidential election, but it (supposedly) has nothing to do with whether or not we approve of the proposed nominee. So, according to that, her action should be to NOT DECIDE on the issue! In other words, SHE SHOULD ABSTAIN from the vote, which is the exact same thing as announcing: “I DO NOT WANT TO DECIDE ON THIS ISSUE!” That, instead, she is going much further and stating that she will vote AGAINST the nominee shows that she does not approve of the nominee herself.

  4. Mrs. Collins’s argument is that, in 2016, a Supreme Court justice had died and, the then, President Obama, attempted to nominate a new replacement justice. We though, rejected deciding on that proposed justice since it was close to the 2016 election. Therefore, we should never be deciding on a new Supreme Court justice close to a presidential election because, four years ago, we did not do it, so if now we WERE to do it, that would be grossly “UNFAIR.”

    Of course, being “fair” is an extremely crucial obligation and being “unfair” is extremely wrong; however, in this case, such an argument is totally meaningless. First of all, the death of the Supreme Court judge in 2016 was severely, severely suspicious — yes, there are exceedingly strong indications that he was murdered!! Please see the two videos titled: “Shocking New Evidence In Scalia Death Part One (and Part Two)” at the Brighteon (dot com) website.

    Second, the justice who was killed in 2016, Anton Scalia, was a strong conservative with strong conservative values. [He was also good friends with B’nei Torah Jews and even had good discussions with them about judicial laws in Torah and, L’Havdil, in secular laws. For two examples, please see the article: “Justice Antonin Scalia and the Jews” at the Aish (dot com) website and the article “Antonin Scalia Remembered as an Advocate for Religious Freedom” at the Chabad (dot org) website.]

    [MAYBE, that is why he was killed??? Was it that evil leftist forces wanted to get rid of him to make way for a new radical leftist judge to, Chas V’Shalom be put on the court??? (As wicked King Obama then tried to do???)]

  5. (Continuation of My Remark)

    Third, the nominee judge whom President Obama proposed for the new opening on the court, was, like wicked King Obama, a Radical-pro-Toeiva-pro-Hashchasa-Leftist. So, we must be extremely thankful that, Boruch Hashem, the Republicans then in the Senate were able to completely push off consideration of him, and this very wicked judge was not put onto the Supreme Court.

    Fourth, by sharp contrast, the situation now is the exact opposite. The nominee judge whom President Trump — who, himself has made many fantastic efforts toward restoring belief in Hashem and moral values — has proposed for the new opening on the court, Mrs. Amy Barrett, is a very strong conservative with strong conservative values. She herself has seven children! It is greatly urgent that she and other good people like her be placed on the court. Please pray to Hashem that she is strongly approved.


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