Swastika, New York, Votes To Keep Its Name

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Swastika, New York, is keeping its name.

Officials of the small Adirondack town, located 50 miles from the Canadian border, have voted to retain its controversial name that predates nazism, NPR reported.

The four-member board for the Town of Black Brook, which has authority over the hamlet, voted unanimously to keep the name after five minutes of discussion during their Sept. 14 meeting.

A town official noted that the word means “well being” in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit and “only an intolerant person” would assume the town was named in honor of nazism.

Read more at NY Post.



  1. Intolerant? I understand they want to keep their name, but only an intolerant person would assume it’s for nazism? This towns leaders must be Democrats. They are the only intolerant people out there, they understand how it manifests and are the only people qualified to label others as such.

  2. No one is disputing its history, or that the name has its benign origins. But, nonetheless, now that, like it or not, it has a very strong and almost exclusive association nowadays, the past reasons for the name are unfortunately largely irrelevant. Only an intolerant person would insist on keeping the name, just because it came about before Nazism.

    I certainly don’t support all the PC garbage and product name-changing, like “Uncle Ben’s rice” or “Eskimo pies”. But if they insist on changing those, then it’s a no-brainer, and kal v’chomer, that this town should change too.

  3. Pleased world order. And do not forget to visit Hitler Pond in Pickaway County, Ohio. (different Hitler namesake).

    You can bring your can of worms. We need it!


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