Swastika Scrawled On Toronto Jewish Family’s Door

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swastikafrum family in Toronto woke up this week to a swastika and the words “watch your children” scrawled on their garage door, the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center said in a news release.

The anti-Semitic vandals entered the family’s garage and added more graffiti on furniture inside, including a swastika on a baby’s high chair, according to a report on CTV news.

It was the second time in past weeks the family, which has young children, had been targeted, according to the report. Previously, vandals had left a swastika on their car.

“That an individual or group of individuals feel bold enough to invade someone’s home and attack them because they are Jewish is a very dangerous turn of events in this city,” said FSWC President and CEO Avi Benlolo in the statement.

The Star was unable to confirm that police are investigating the event, though CTV reports that police are taking the incident seriously and treating it as a hate crime.

Read more at The Toronto Star.

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  1. The picture at the top of the article does not show a swastika. Maybe the people who did it were trying to make one, but if so they didn’t do a very good job. It doesn’t even closely resemble one.

  2. These punks are so low, they’re only Nazi wannabes; the Swastika is backwards!
    Fear not, Torontonians, you have a great and tough community.

  3. whether the swastika is made correctly or not, whether the looseres who painted and entered the home are loosers or not is not the point. what a terrible atrocity! an invasion of this familys privacy! how awful to have ones private snactuary , ones home tresspassed by dangerous antisemites! May HKB”H have infinite Rachamim on this family and on all of our dear brothers and sisters!


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