Photos: Swastikas Spoil Shabbos in Baltimore


swastika-baltimore[Photos below.] Isaac Draiman reports: With his voice shaking, a caller notified immediately after Shabbos with news of overt anti-Semitism rearing its¬†ugly head in our own backyard.Between 12-6pm today, fear was brought to the face of the frum community as families took their Shabbos afternoon “shpatzier” (stroll).

White vans seemed to be the target in at least 2 neighborhoods where they were spray painted with swastikas and Hitler as well as other profanities. spoke with Rabbi Gershon Grayman whose vans was one of those vandalized with the disgusting symbols of hate. “So, what would happen with those responsible even if they were caught? Even when a shul is firebombed it takes a tremendous amount of pressure to convict. I can’t imagine much will happen in this case.”

A policeman on the scene who spoke on the condition of anonymity told that it’s incumbent upon the community to be sure to contact the Police and to not hide their heads from these incidents. “We want to catch those responsible – and have them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – just as much you do.”

The community is urged to be on the alert and to call Shomrim 410.358.9999 or 911 if they sense something that seems out of place.

See below for photos:

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