Swedish Ship To Gaza Demands Israel Repair Returned Ship

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The pro-Gaza human rights group in Sweden, Ship to Gaza, on Monday said it will demand Israel repair a Swedish-owned ship called “Estelle” following the Israeli Supreme Court’s ruling that Israel immediately return the ship, which the IDF had seized in 2012 for attempting to break through the blockade of Gaza.

The Israeli court also ordered that the state compensate Ship to Gaza’s court costs of 40000 NIS ($10,500).

Ship to Gaza said in a statement that they are planning another “action to break and abolish the devastating blockade of Gaza” in September with its partner, the organization Freedom Flotilla.




  1. All else aside, lets be quite clear about the following: The would-be blockade breakers aren’t “Humanitarians”; they are pro-terrorist.
    Israel would gladly help true humanitarian aid reach those in Gaza who need it. The only reason the blockade exists is because of Hamas’s terror attacks and the only reason to try to break the blockade is to assist Hamas in their genocidal attempt to murder every Jew they possibly can, men, women, children, soldiers and civilians all included.


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