Sweet Progress: Bloomberg Glowing Over Jihad Against Salt

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saltTwenty-one companies have met targets in a city-led effort to get restaurants and food manufacturers nationwide to lighten up on salt, Mayor Bloomberg said today.

The improved products range from Butterball cold cuts to Heinz ketchup to some Starbucks breakfast sandwiches, according to Bloomberg.

The salt campaign – one in a series of novel but controversial healthy-eating initiatives on Bloomberg’s 11-year watch – takes aim at foods ranging from hot dogs to soup to popcorn.

“These companies have demonstrated their commitment to removing excess sodium from their products and to working with public health authorities toward a shared goal – helping their customers lead longer, healthier lives,” Bloomberg said.

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  1. There exists a very dangerous and potentially quickly fatal disease called hyponatremia, and those who are at risk should *make sure* they have adequate sodium levels, but for everyone else, normal diet has all the salt we need and more than that. Of course I am sure we all could do without a mayor that considers its mission to police our table, but then again, as long as that keeps him busy, it probably saves us from worse problems.


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