Syria Warns Israel of ‘Grave Ramifications’ of Alleged Airstrike

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The Syrian government has warned Israel of “grave ramifications” following a purported Israeli airstrike on a Syrian military position near Damascus early on Wednesday.

“Israel continues showing aggression and supporting armed terrorist groups. It’s state terrorism,” the Syrian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

“We once again warn Israel of the grave ramifications of its actions and call on the Security Council to denounce them,” it said.

While Israel has not directly involved itself in the ongoing Syrian civil war, it has occasionally carried out airstrikes against targets in Syria. These airstrikes have largely targeted advanced weapons transfers between Syria, Iran and the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

Israel has also carried out strikes targeting Iranian and Hezbollah military sites in the country.




  1. Yeah, the U.N. likely will take up Syria’s complaint! It fits right into the U.N.’s prototype of issues. A rouge regime who gassed his own people can have a forum at the U.N. if it involves sensoring Israel. Real relevant body!


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