Syrian Woman Gives Birth in Israeli Hospital

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babyA Syrian woman gave birth to a healthy boy at the Ziv Medical Center in Tzefas over the weekend after arriving at the border on Shabbos afternoon while in labor. The woman said, “I am a professional nurse and I knew that injured Syrians have been treated in Israel. So when I went into labor, I asked to be taken quickly to the border in the hope that the Israeli army would allow me to receive medical assistance for the birth.”

“I was afraid to come to Israel, but I feared more for my baby’s health if there were complications with the birth at home. The team of Israeli midwives and doctors treated me with respect and sensitivity, and the birth went well. I do not feel like I am in an enemy state. Everyone is helping me and caring for me.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. This is no surprise. Thousands of Syrians are being treated in Israeli hospitals. This is not being publicized as this can result in those Syrians and their families being killed upon their return to Syria. Yet Israel will always be criticized.


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