Taking Just 4,500 Steps Each Day May Help You Live Longer

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For fitness enthusiasts who constantly count their steps, a new study has good news for those who always find time to squeeze in a few more each day. It turns out taking more steps per day can help you live longer. Moreover, researchers say it doesn’t matter if you take them all at once or in short spurts, just getting those steps in can lower the risk of premature death.

The study, involving more than 16,000 women over the age of 60, also suggests that 4,500 steps per day is enough to help extend the human lifespan. In comparison to taking no steps at all, researchers find each additional 1,000 steps contributes to a 28 percent decrease in death among study participants.

Study authors asked participants to wear a step-counting device to measure activity over four to seven days. The devices kept track of everything from long walks outside to short spurts while climbing stairs. Women who took more than 2,000 steps daily in uninterrupted bouts displayed a 32 percent decrease in risk of death. A prior analysis of the same women also discovered that those who took 4,500 steps per day had a significantly lower risk of death in comparison to the least active women.

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  1. What about if I walk to my car and from my car to the office and then repeat those steps at the end of the day?

    • Don’t forget to add …and eat full plates of herring, gallah, chulent and cakes at every kiddush.

      (No wonder we are so unfit and unhealthy..)


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