Ynet: ‘Taliban’-Clad Woman Causes Panic


israeli-policeThe following is from a Ynet report: olice officers fired gunshots into the air on Tuesday after a suspicious looking woman dressed in what the police say was a Taliban-like outfit ignored their calls to halt at the Bnei Dror junction in the Sharon region.  

The officers, who suspected the woman was a terrorist, fired gunshots into the air, overpowered her and inspected her belongings. At the end of her interrogation the woman was released. No one was injured in the incident. It was reported that the woman is to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Around 3:10 pm, an initial report was received about a suspicious woman at bus stop east of the junction. Officers from the Kfar Saba police station ordered the woman to stop, but she fled the scene. They then fired into the air and overpowered her.

The woman, who was dressed in black and had her face covered, was taken in for inspection. A police sapper was called to examine the two suitcases she had in her possession.

One suitcase contained clothing, and the other, to the sapper’s surprise, contained a miniature model of an airport, including runways, airplanes and fire trucks.

A closer look revealed that the woman was a 43-year-old Jewish resident of Yerushalayim who was in the area for a visit, and for modesty reasons covered her entire body in black clothing.


{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Strange behavior and strange clothing is a cause for fear. Glad that she was stopped, searched and released as safe game.


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