Taliban Paints Over George Floyd Mural In Kabul With ‘Victory Slogans’

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Taliban terrorists in Kabul have started painting over murals that adorn the capital’s streets, including one of George Floyd, with “victory slogans” applauding the establishment of their Islamic Caliphate.

The Guardian reported the jihadist organization started to replace the street art with pictures of their flags and other Islamic slogans as they reimpose their strict vision of how Afghanistan should be in the future.

“Artlords,” according to the report, were a group of creative people in the city that painted the murals. The groups spent the last eight years painting their murals in the city, over walls and blast barriers up until the Taliban terrorists took the city over.

The works painted included George Floyd from the United States, Afghan refugees in Iran drowning, and even the U.S. signing the agreement with the Taliban to work towards peace.

Read more at Breitbart.



  1. If these leftist here are tearing down statues of American hero’s why cant the Taliban tear down pictures of Floyd the convicted criminal who robbed a black pregnant woman and put a gun to her pregnant stomach.

  2. This is terrible. These terrorists, who the privileged White draft dodger, Joe Biden is praising as partners, are racists of the worst kind. So now, not only is WHITE supremacy the greatest threat in the United States, but it is now the greatest threat in Afghanistan as well. I hope Kirsten Gillabrand will personally fly over to Kabul and educate the terrorists on the history of American slavery and the pain it causes the average black. Blacks in Chicago are petrified of leaving their government housing complexes when they want to go kill their neighbors, because they are petrified that a WHITE supremacist male wearing a MAGA hat is lurking in the shadows. Terrible terrible situation. I’m very disappointed in VP for not rounding up these whites and throw them in reeducation camps already.


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