Talk About Bringing Jews of Wildly Different Backgrounds Together

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At The Lakewood Fellowship Concluding Siyum last week, a group of very recent Baalei Teshuva had their first authentic Chasidic Rebbe type experience.

The Lakewood Fellowship Summer Intern Program brings Jewish men of all backgrounds to Lakewood each summer for a combined professional and Torah experience including an internship in a leading company, BMG chavrusah learning and a full weekend Shabbaton in neighborhoods in Lakewood and other frum areas.

One Lakewood Fellowship track includes a group of young recent Baalei Teshuva, most of whom completed a year of learning in Machon Yaakov, Machon Shlomo, Ohr Somayach, AISH or Shappels.

The Track has a daily Night Seder program complete with BMG yungleit as chavrusos.
At this year’s siyum, The Kaliver Rov who happened to be in town and heard about the event, asked if he could participate.

The Rov, following the derech of his illustrious father, has a heart for all of Acheinu B’nei Yisroel and was very moved by the gathering.
It was inspiring to see the Rov from Williamsburg with his shtetl English communicate with these very American-bred young men.
It was a true meeting of the hearts and included kvitlich and yechidus with each of the boys and several of the BMG yungeleit.

A fulfillment of Kabetz Nidachenu and Chaverim Kol Yisroel!



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