Tami, the World’s Oldest Hippopotamus in Captivity, Passes Away at Yerushalayim Zoo

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The oldest hippopotamus living in captivity died in her sleep at Yerushalayim’s Biblical Zoo on Thursday.

Tami, 59, was found deceased in the lake of the Africa exhibit, according to a statement issued by the zoo.

“The oldest hippopotamus living in a zoo … died at an advanced age, surrounded by lots of love and respect,” the statement said.

With Tami’s passing, Jerusalem’s very popular zoo has lost its only hippopotamus since her partner, Matti, passed away at the age of 30 in 2006 after swallowing a tennis ball.

Though hippos have a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years, the elderly Tami was not a record-holder. Bertha, a hippo living at the Manila Zoo in the Philippines, died in July 2017 at the ripe old age of 65.





    • In this tzudreidete world, Arutz 7 and others use “passes away” for secular and non Jewish leaders and animals and “die” for tzaddikim.

  1. Are you out of your minds???? To report on this altogether, ok Nu Nu it’s a slow news day. But to give IT a name????? All hippos have the same name they are called hippopotamus.

    Poshut depraved.

  2. Passed away in her sleep?!
    So now the Chachomim at Matzav.com are equating animals with humans?! I think you babies have been out in the sun for too long.

  3. A Yid – the headline about a hippo “passing away” tickled my funny bone and made me laugh out loud so it served a positive purpose of adding simcha to at least one Yiddene.

  4. Mo, aren’t some hippopotamisses and others hippopotamisters?
    Better they report this news story than stories that tell of the misdeeds of other Jews. So hey, look at the bright side! Have a greater day!

  5. If the plural of Hippopotamus is Hippopotamy,what is the plural of Whataclotomus ? Anyone know ? …..Whataclotamy…..

  6. Very sad, Tami came from a broken home, she barely knew her father who nebech, was killed by a lion, also her younger brother lost a leg in a unprovoked attack by a crocodile when bathing in the congo river before shabbos, very sad, I heard this from her cousin Rabbi Elephant.

  7. ELLUL!!!!!!
    This is not the time to be all bakant in these shtusim.
    Wer’e talking about a beheima that died. Can you even begin to comprehend the emptiness in your life if this is what you find interesting?
    Amol, there was taka an aimas hadin during Ellul. Today, N-O-T-H-I-N-G!
    Grada, I was just klering, lechoira, this beheima gasa was a tzioni.
    It was in a matzav of tumah, being around other tzionim kimat all it’s life. We all know that the seviva has a hashpa’ah on a person, and kal vachomer an animal.
    Ela mai, it was a prust tzioni!
    Yet your’e not embarrassed to put up this entire hesped for a tzioni beheima?
    Is there no more busha?


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