Target to Install Single-Stall Bathrooms at Most Stores

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Target announced Wednesday that it will add single-stall bathrooms to most of its locations by March 2017. The undertaking will reportedly cost $20 million.

The decision is widely seen as a response to the discount retailer’s second-quarter drop in sales traffic. While Chief Financial Officer Cathy Smith did not make the correlation, analysts said the slump is partially due to shoppers unhappy with the company’s declared “pro-inclusivity” bathroom policy allowing “individuals to use the restrooms matching their gender identity.”

“It’s clear that some of our guests like and some dislike our inclusive bathroom policy,” Smith told reporters. “We are not satisfied with our second-quarter traffic and sales performance.” Read more at FORTUNE.



  1. If all the recent tragedy’s were jot enough this should awaken us that we need the geula shleima already!
    How can we raise our kids in such a world?

  2. $20,000,000.00 just to upgrade some bathrooms??? It’s no wonder their revenues are in the toilet (pun intended)! Ms. Smith has got to go. I guess they can’t fire her ……..because she is a woman. This is political correctness run amok. They would rather go bankrupt than to G-d forbid “offend” a pervert! Good bye.

  3. If I can’t get an invitation and I keep getting rejected when i ask, to go up to the Catskills for Shabbos Nachamu, and am forced to stay in the City, am I a total LOSER in life?

  4. Actually 20m is not a lot for a national chain, vis-a-vis a 20% stock decline. Whether Macy’s refuses to sell Trump ties or Target gets vocal on a specious newfound hyper-sensitivity, or late night TV dropping jokes that are propaganda style, people and corporations have to learn that not every moment is a Rosa Parks moment, and not every cause is righteous, and not every American buys the value judgement of an academic in a think-tank.

  5. If I were a retailer chain, and customers came into my stores in order to use the restroom (or possibly to discuss about the arrangement of said restrooms) I’d think my company has a much bigger problem than the toilets’ setup. Has any one on earth ever found satisfactory public toilets, anyway? We only use them because we need them at that very time. A store should attract people so that they are induced in purchasing the goods offered for sale and consequently drop their money at the registers, as opposed to having them take advantage of our WC facility or checking it out with the aim of raising a debate about the “policy” of where exactly we may relieve ourselves of unneeded weight….

  6. This is clearly just a weak half gap measure to try to mollify the tremendous outrage that people have rightfully expressed at Target for their severely wicked policy of allowing severely perverted people — yes, exceedingly sick people who imagine themselves of the other gender or/and who even have operations done to pretend to make themselves of the other gender, Rachmana Litzlan — to use whatever washroom they wanted. This exceedingly sick policy itself that they call “inclusive,” Target has not moved away from one iota, and they are thus just as wicked as ever. The boycott of them should most absolutely continue.

  7. Its been quite a while since I shopped at Target. The in-your-face immorality that passes for marketing in there stores is far from family freindly. I actually thanked the store manager at my local Walmart for the significantly better shopping enviroment. She knew exactly what I was talking about and told me that it was actually Walmart policy to create a more family friendly environment.

  8. This problem with Target is a glaring example of the fact that the Hashchasa – the extreme horrific ethical deterioration of the “outside” world certainly DOES hurt us in the Bnei Torah realm. Now though, right now, it is just Target that is doing this, so, Boruch Hashem, there are several other large discount department stores that we can more properly shop at. But with this wicked excessive push and promotion of the acceptance of gender (so-called) “changing,” Rachmana Litzlan, more and more businesses are going to be put under severely intense pressure to adopt what Target has done.

    Furthermore, right now, the problem has already been expanded into a much wider and more serious area. Earlier this year, the wicked current US President, Barak Obama, issued an absolute order that, throughout the entire country, ALL public schools must — like what Target had done — allow students to use whichever restrooms and locker rooms that they want. This directive covers all public elementary, middle, and high schools — over 100,000 different schools, and affects close to 55 million children and teenagers (see The wicked emerging Democrat Party candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, warmly praised Obama’s action (see

    Of course though, we B’nei Torah do not use public schools; instead, we send our children to our own Yeshivos and Beis Yaakovs. The problem though still is that while, even for secular studies, we use our own Yeshivos and Beis Yaakovs, that is only for LOWER level secular studies (elementary, middle, & high school levels: Kindigarten – 12th grade). For HIGHER/COLLEGE level secular studies, we DO often use the “outside” colleges and universities. Now, while the president’s directive is, for now, only for the lower level (elementary, middle, & high: K – 12) schools, the higher level colleges & universities — especially those that receive some kind of government funding — are certainly going to feel severely intense pressure to follow suit.

    Furthermore, while the president’s directive is only for public schools, that is only for now. As time goes on though, and this wicked acceptance of gender (so-called) “changing” and all other forms of Toeiva, Rachmana Litzlan, is pushed more and more and more, such pro-Toeiva-government-orders will be given also to private schools and also to religious schools and also to even our own Yeshivos and Beis Yaakovs, Rachmana Litzlan!


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