Taube Honored for Growing Reform Judaism in Israel

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In Yerushalayim, a ground-breaking ceremony recently took place to honor 85-year-old Tad Taube, founder and chairman of Taube Philanthropies, which granted $15 million to enable the Reform Movement’s headquarters in Israel to update, enhance and beautify its Hebrew Union College campus, flagship of the movement’s presence in Israel, whose library is mostly frequented by its staff and a handful of pensioners availing themselves of its free papers and magazines.

Taube, who escaped Poland in 1939 just before the Holocaust, emphasized to Times of Israel that by helping Reform in Israel he was “not trying to start a religious war” and he has supported Orthodox causes as well. But he fails to realize that in the long term, there is construction that lead to destruction.

“I think the important message is, and I know in Israel it’s hard to get that message across, is that we want Jews to remain as Jews,” he said. “And that’s a global problem for the Jewish people, as you know. The Reform movement is part of the matrix of Jewish life that keep people Jewish. And I think that should be the first consideration.

“It doesn’t matter which street the Jews are walking, as long as it’s a Jewish street.

“That’s the goal of my Jewish life, to bring all facets together. Be Reform, Orthodox, or Conservative, but be something.”


  1. He may be correct but the best way to help Jews who live Jewish lives dictated by the Reform and Conservative standards would be to infuse that $15 million into outreach. It is only those who work for organizations like Aish, Project Inspire, and Partners in Torah who care and have a tried and true strategy to insure that our street remain Jewish and populated by Jews who have a tomorrow.

  2. Reform Judaism. A minor way to learn a jewish feeling. A major way to have future averras.

    Why they do not just all get up and walk out is beyond any educated soul.

  3. Nice to see the lessons learnt from Tisha B’Av!
    In Melbourne Australia we had Reform, Orthodox and Conservative Jews come together in one shul for Tisha B’Av today. We put our differences aside to remember that whilst there is more than one way to be Jewish we are still all Jewish. Our infighting leaves us vulnerable to real external threats. History has shown that our enemies kill us because we are Jewish. They care not if we are Reform Conservative or Orthodox

    B Rosenberg
    Melbourne, Australia


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