Taxi Service Caters to LA’s Frum Yidden


josh-goldman-of-haimishe-expressIt was 11:02 a.m. on a warm Friday morning, and Pico Boulevard was alive with the energy of last-minute Shabbos shopping. Two teens wearing white button-down shirts and black dress pants exited their yeshiva and walked up to a sleek, black 2012 Kia Sedona minivan that would take them downtown to Union Station.

Josh Goldman, 45, a jovial observant Jew with a strong Brooklyn accent, got out of the driver’s seat, shook their hands and placed their luggage in the trunk so that they could begin their trip home to San Diego for the weekend.

But this was no typical taxi service; this was Haimishe Express, a fully licensed and insured car company whose business specifically caters to Los Angeles’ Orthodox Jewish community (although it happily accepts all paying customers).

“We are basically 24/6,” Goldman said during the drive to Union Station.

Read more at the Jewish Journal.

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  1. Look at that a heymish taxi….never new those existed
    They should get those in boro park, due to the influx of yeshiva ppl!
    But hatzlaka in your Parnassa and am yisroel hai

  2. Maybe I could get a article about my hair cutting business in lakewood (bein hasdorin ONLY)
    Free advertising what could be better (especially for a yungerman)


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