Taxpayers Foot $222,000 Bathroom Renovation For (Former) Interior Secretary

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interior-secretary-bathroomWhat, exactly, does a $222,000 bathroom renovation look like?

Gold fixtures? Marble tile? Well, you should know – you paid for it.

Scott MacFarlane of WSB-TV Atlanta’s Washington Bureau has finally¬†secured images of the expensive taxpayer-funded bathroom renovation in question, which occurred in 2007 for the bathroom of President George W. Bush’s Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne. It took the government four years to produce the photos requested by the news station under the Freedom of Information Act.

The photos show a tiled shower, custom cabinetry, a Sub-Zero fridge (price tag $3,590), $1,523 wall panels, a mirrored sink with expensive fixtures, even a “vintage” toilet paper holder, according to the news station’s slideshow. (Surprisingly, it doesn’t include former California Rep.¬†Duke Cunningham’s antique commode.)

The renovations were the subject of an internal audit.


{ Newscenter}


  1. A fridge for the toilet! Thank you Matzav, my children just learned new info about the goyim’s concept of “hygiene”. They still vividly remember the one about “Items some people consider OK to put in the dishwasher”.

  2. Hey, guys, this was under BUSH!! Aren’t you being just a little disingenuous? (Yeah, that’s a big word. Look it up – it’s got the same meaning as “a little bit dishonest.”)

  3. Oldtimer,

    Your the murderous soul who said it was OK to kill Jewish children in Israel. You’re a real low, low, low, lowlife.

  4. #3:Bush was far from being a conservative, rather a moderately big government guy with a “R” label; hence 200k bathroom. However, nothing beats hundreds of millions a year taken from us and spent on king Obama’s vacations.

  5. I am constantly blown away by the crazy stories about wasteful spending by our government like $2000,000.00 to remodel a bathroom. I am even more surprised that everyone seems to laugh and joke about it when reporting it. I realize its so ridiculous that a persons first reaction is to laugh but seriously I don’t know what its going to take for the American people to wake up and start demanding ding that blatant crimes like these not only stopped but criminally prosecuted.

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