Teacher In Rehovot Has Covid-19; 52 Students Sent To Isolation, School Shut

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A teacher at the Navon school in the central city of Rehovot has been diagnosed with coronavirus and found to have been in contact with 52 students and the school staff who have all been sent to isolation, officials said Friday.

The school will be shut until May 27, the school’s principal informed parents. The incident comes as Israel’s education system was set to return to full operation on Sunday in most of the country after some two months during which Israeli children were ordered to stay home in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The Health Ministry and Rehovot municipality said they were jointly monitoring the situation and would take further steps if necessary.

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  1. If they haven’t decided what Covid-19 is, how was she tested positive? Positive to what? Headache, fever, nausea, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis or allergy? And why would anyone be stupid enough to let themselves be tested?

    • “And why would anyone be stupid enough to let themselves be tested?”

      Your president gets tested every single day. Your president must be “stupid enough”.

      Your words. Not mine.

  2. This article’s picture of a Chareidi classroom implies that it was a Chareidi school and a Chareidi teacher who caused the entire school to shut down. However, the Navon school in Rechovot (where I live) is a SECULAR school. Your posting of a Chareidi picture might cause some to say “again the Chareidim are infecting us”, when it wasn’t Chareidi at all!

  3. uh probably because theyre able to identify antibodies and various bodily responses that are unique to coronavirus?. and what exactly is wrong with getting tested? whats gonna happen, youll keep other people safe? wow how terrible


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