Ted Cruz Hits ‘Sick’ Wash Post for Robert Trump Obit

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Stefani Reynolds

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on Sunday blasted the Washington Post for a “sick” headline on its obituary for Robert Trump, President Donald Trump’s brother.

In a tweet, Cruz said the Post “should be ashamed of itself” for a headline that read: “Robert Trump, younger brother of  President Trump who filed lawsuit against niece, dies at 71” — highlighting a Trump family dispute.

“This headline, on an ‘obituary’ no less, is sick,” Cruz wrote. “WaPo should be ashamed of itself. Robert Trump, RIP.”

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  1. Trumps comments about his brother were all about the Donal:
    “He was my biggest fan. People would tell me all the time, ‘I spoke to your brother and your brother was so thrilled.’ And so thrilled at what was happening. And what was happening for the country, he was so angry with China.”
    Spare us all The hypocrisy of Ted Cruz.
    Trump is going to exploit the White House to have his brother’s funeral service there during the Democratic convention.

    • ARE YOU KIDDING !!!! if a democratic presidents brother (not saying Obama cuz pretty sure he abondoned like his whole family in poverty in africa while he was raised by his rich white grandmother in Hawaii) died would you object to them holding a service in the white house?! i dont think so!

  2. After almost four years of obsessive coverage of all things Trump, the MSM has lost all objectivity.

    Robert Trump had no political role in his brother’s government. It seems he was busy with charitable endeavors in his retirement.

    If I had a dog I wouldn’t use WaPo to pick up his deposits. Total waste of space.

  3. I mean honestly if you want to politicize Robert Trump’s obituary do it by contrasting Robert (super nice and caring ) with Donald (mean and angry) don’t come out bashing dead people who can’t defend themselves (unless they are truly evil)


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