Ted Cruz: Most Violent Criminals Are Democrats (Audio)

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ted cruzAppearing on Hugh Hewitt’s talk radio show Monday afternoon, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz declared that “the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats.”

Calling it a “simple and undeniable fact,” the Texan senator claimed “the media doesn’t report that.”


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  1. This is quite scary. The idea of Ted Cruz discussing human value in America is like listening to Stalin process your paycheck for your best road to Siberia.

    He is a criminal himself and to make an assertation that the world of the democrats is mostly a bunch of petty thiefs and vulgar vagrants is attacking the American Political Process.

    The sad thing is that most of the real criminals are probably not registered for any political party and they likely do not even vote. Many are so poor that they are found in their lives of crime due to very poor influences. The democrats are actually helping these communities.

    Still, Ted Cruz is a criminal and should not be a serious interest for any jew. His values are “love Israel, dog the joy of human voice”. He has no values that are consistent with the righteous gentile and he is a clamorer for hate and poor voice.

    Scared to look at his polls it seems. Even a thug like Trump is ahead of this little weasel of hate.

    So I guess we can see the negativity through his petty attacks on our constitution. This guy has no place in any political discussion for Human Value.


  2. #3, i need a few clarifications on your comment. 1, what laws has ted cruz broken? 2, how do you know how many criminals vote, or their average income? 3, how are the democrats helping these communities? compton is one of the most crime ridden places in the U.S., and it has been governed by democrats for years. ted cruz actually tries to protect the constitution against people who want to go around it, like obama.

  3. “Abortion which is MURDER”

    Not according to the Torah. (That doesn’t make it mutar, of course, except under some specific conditions.)

  4. factcheck.org demolished Cruz’ claim. There are simply no such data; he is making stuff up. Which he often does. (The previous example was when he claimed that the Colorado Springs shooter was a transgendered leftist; the shooter is an ordinary male who has not been involved in politics.) Carson is too much of an ignoramus to know when he is spouting falsehoods but Cruz and Trump are smart enough to know the difference between truth and lie and they repeatedly choose to lie.


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