Ted Cruz on Flake, Corker Feuds With Trump: ‘Shut Up and Do Your Job’

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Ted Cruz believes some of his Republican Senate colleagues need to stop picking fights with an unpopular President Trump. Asked Wednesday by right-wing radio host Mark Davis about GOP Sens. Jeff Flake’s and Bob Corker’s respective feuds with the president, Cruz remarked: “It’s like you’re back in junior-high…. We’ve got a job to do, dammit, and so all of this nonsense, I got nothing to say on it.” He then added, without specifically naming anyone: “Everyone shut up and do your job, is my view.”


Cruz further lamented: “I think it’s unfortunate the nastiness that pervades Washington now and political battles of personality that consume seemingly every minute of the media attention and an awful lot of time and energy here in this town.” Read more at THE HILL.



  1. It’s too bad, that stupid idiot, John Kasich, sabotaged the Ted Cruz campaign and prevented him from winning, ensuring a Trump victory.

    • Ted Cruz is a politician and would be no better than the Bushes, although not a RINO. President Trump is a business man, not a politician liar, and has accomplished more than any President in the last 100 years. You cannot deny that. It’s open for everyone to see. Which is why, with Hashem’s help, he’ll continue for the next 8 years, to rise America from its ruins, thanks to Obama and previous presidents until Reagan.

        • There are LOADS but if you want only 3, here it is:
          1) He broke 3 major economic records!
          2) Unemployment rate is at a 40 year low!
          3) Reduced illegal immigration by over 70%!

          Now, will you get your head out of the sand and realize how Obama destroyed America and thank G-d Hillary did not become President.


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