Teen Suspect Accused in Hate Crime Beating Accused in Other Attacks of Frum Jews


willyThe NY Daily News reports: One of two Brooklyn teenagers accused in the Monday beating of a Hasidic Jew attacked two other Orthodox Jews over the last two weeks, it was revealed Wednesday.

Joel Weinberger, 26, had to undergo surgery for a broken eye socket that included having three plates implanted in his face after the Thanksgiving Day attack, a Brooklyn family court judge said.

One of the teenagers admitted to the Weinberger attack, which has been classified as a hate crime, said Judge Daniel Turbow.

“[It’s] basically an admission to beating up an individual because he’s Jewish,” Turbow said.

The second victim, who was not identified, was attacked Saturday – two days before Moshe Guttman, 45, of Borough Park, was assaulted after leaving a Chanukah party at a yeshiva.

The disclosures came during a Family Court proceeding on Wednesday, and the teenagers, both 15, were held without bail pending a hearing Friday.

Both are truants who attend school less than 50% of the time, apparently use drugs, and exhibit “behavior that is out of control,” according to a probation report that included interviews with the boys’ parents.

One of the boys has lived in several different homes over the last year and his mother lived in a shelter for much of the time, according to that report, read by a court clerk.

That teenager “needs a substance abuse program,” said his defense lawyer, Sandeep Kandhari.

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com}


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