Teen Who Killed 4 Avoids Jail – Because He Was Never Taught Right from Wrong

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ethan-couchA 16-year-old who killed four people in a drunk driving incident this summer was spared jail and sentenced to 10 years probation after his attorneys argued he suffered from “affluenza,” a psychological condition due to his parents never teaching him right from wrong.

Ethan Couch had a blood alcohol level of .24-triple the legal driving limit for an adult-and was on Valium when he lost control of his pick-up truck and crashed into a broken-down car on a rural road in Texas. Along with the four who died, 11 were injured and one remains paralyzed.

In the trial, a psychologist argued Couch had “freedoms no young person should have,” and he was estimated to have the emotional age of a 12-year-old. Read more at The Daily Beast.

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  1. I don’t get it: Is secular punishment for the sake of punishment or to keep society safe? Who else belongs in jail if not someone who has no idea it’s not ok to kill?

  2. this is ridiculous. isn’t this what jail is for? teaching people right from wrong so they won’t do wrong again. if he doesn’t understand, jail will discipline him. jail is what he NEEDS in order to become a normal person. how else will he learn if he isn’t disciplined?


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