Teens’ ‘Knockout the Jew Game’ Spreads, With Deadly Results

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fist-punch-knock-outA recent string of attacks tied to a dangerous game called “Knockout” — where unsuspecting residents are targeted and sucker-punched – is being investigated as possible hate crimes.

New York police are looking into the growing trend, WPIX reports, after attacks in predominately Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

The most recent attack was caught on video last week in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where a group of ten men spotted a man walking alone, punched him and kept moving, according to the station.

But New York is not the only place to see the “Knockout Game” being played out.

In Washington, D.C., Tamera Jackson, 27, told WJLA that a group of teens on bicycles came up behind her last week as she walked home and one of them punched her in the back of the head before the group sped away, laughing.

“For the fun of it.”

– Teen, speaking of ‘Knockout Game’

According to Fox 31 Denver, similar attacks have occurred in St. Louis and Pittsburgh, where a teacher was knocked out by a 15-year-old as he walked home from school last month. The attack was caught on a security camera video, and the teen was charged with assault.

And in New Jersey, CBS 2 reports, video footage shows Ralph Santiago, 46, randomly targeted for knockout by a group of teens. Santiago was later found dead with his neck broken and head lodged between iron fence posts, according to NJ.com.

Read more at Fox News.

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  1. Be prepared; stay aware; don ‘t walk alone. Know the phone number of Shomrim, Hatzalah, NYPD (or local police/emergency). Know what street/cross street you are one if you have to call for help.

    Stay off your iPhone, etc.. <<<<<

  2. I think it’s ironic that my last post referred to the 2nd amendment and my 1st amendment had to be approved by the webmaster! LoL

  3. Just trying to lighten up things folks. I have been reading about our country going down the tubes for the last 2 hours. thought a smile might help


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