Tefillin Shadchan Seeks Partners

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There are Jews today who are desperately in need of a pair of tefillin. Through the “Tefillin Shadchan,” Chesed of Lakewood has been able to be a matchmaker for these pairs, giving tremendous zechusim to all involved.

“Many families may have a pair of extra Tefillin in their home. These Tefillin may have been belonged to a relative who passed away, or someone may have purchased a new pair and the old ones are not being currently used.  Even if the tefillin need some repair, many times they can turn into a usable pair once again,” says a project coordinator.

In the past Chesed of Lakewood has matched up pairs of unused Tefillin with Jews in need of a pair. They currently have a few requests from men seeking a pair of Tefillin, and are in need of donors. Donated Tefillin will be checked, repaired if necessary, and given to those in need of them for their everyday use.

If you have a pair of Tefillin to donate, contact Chesed of Lakewood at 732-901-0482 ext 1 or text 7329010482. Donations for this project can be made via www.chesedoflakewood.org.




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