Tefillos for IDF Commandos Wounded in Flotilla Incident


idf-navyAs the olam hasheker in which we live continues to sit in judgment over Israel’s response to the “humanitarian” (sic) flotilla that it intercepted on May 31, a number of the naval IDF soldiers involved in the operation are in need of a refuah sheleimah. Matzav.com asks all Yidden to take a few moments to daven for the wellbeing and recovery of these navy commandos.

The names are:

Boris ben Illaina

Yotam ben Dorit

Ido ben Illana

Ro’ee ben Shulamit

Dean ben Svetlana

Daniel Lazar ben Tina Taabal Leah

The last commando, Daniel, resides in Alon Shvut in Gutz Etzion and suffered several injuries during the flotilla incident. His ear was cut off with a knife by one of the terrorists on board the ship, though, boruch Hashem, surgery was performed and the ear was reattached. It is hoped that once it heals, he will not have to suffer long-term damage from what happened. Daniel was also shot in his leg and suffered a serious arm wound. As he battles in what will be extended road to recovery, all are asked to keep him in their tefillos.

As reported earlier here on Matzav.com, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that there were never any humanitarian supplies or equipment aboard the Mavi Marmara, where the Israeli commandos were ambushed by armed mercenaries posing as peace activists. While the commandos opened fire and killed nine of the attackers, three soldiers had been brutalized and temporarily captured.

May we only hear besuros tovos and may the Ribono Shel Olam send refuos to all cholei Am Yisroel.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Can we fill a fill halls packed with people to raise their voices in tefillos for these dedicated messengers of Gd.?


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