Tefillos for Rav Avrohom Luria

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All are asked to say Tehillim for Rav Avrohom Luria, a noted marbitz Torah in Lakewood, who suffered a heart attack and is in need of rachamei Shomayim.

Rav Luria is a longtime rebbi, serving as a maggid shiur at Mesivta Ohr Chaim Meir.

The 45-year-old father of 7 is a resident of the Park Avenue neighborhood in Lakewood. His brother, Rav Shmuel Yitzchok and Rav Moshe Shimon, are rabbonim in Lakewood.

The name for Tehillim is Rav Avrohom Yehoshua Heshel ben Frumit.



  1. On behalf of the family they beg Klal yisroel to have him in mind in their tefillos. Avrohom is a tzadik of a man and has helped mold numerous of his talmidim into what they are today.


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