Tefillos for Rav Shlomo Brevda

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rav-shlomo-brevdaYidden are asked to recite Tehillim and learn Torah for Rav Shlomo Brevda, who is in need of a refuah sheleimah. He remains hospitalized in serious condition.

Rav Brevda is one of the most well-known maggidei shiur and darshanim and has delivered thousands of drashos in Jewish communities worldwide.

Rav Brevda is the author of numerous seforim, including volumes on Yomim Tovim. His writings on the Torah of the Vilna Gaon and the Gaon‘s seforim in aggadah and Kabbolah are particularly well known.

The name for Tehillim is Rav Shlomo Leib ben Miriam.

May we only hear besuros tovos.

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  1. “Freedom Of Slavery on Pesach ”

    Rav Shlomo Brevda Shlita related the following theme about Pesach from his hospital bed.

    Many of us wonder how we can work so hard preparing for Pesach by – cleaning, kashering, and cooking – as if we are slaves, and then refer to this week as Z’man Cheiruseinu, “a time of freedom.” Furthermore, after all the preparations are finished, we spend the Leyl Ha’seder that er are required to perform so many Mitzvos with intricate details guiding the amounts and deadlines of every action we perform. This night certainly doesn’t feel “free” to many of us.

    Rav Brevda explained (in many more words than you will find here on Kol HaLoshon. Hebrew) that on Pesach we may have been freed from the bondage of Egypt; but in return we accepted upon ourselves the yoke of Heaven, Ol Malchus Shamayim. Moshe Rabainu was given a “sign” from Hashem that He will free the Jews: “B’hotziacha Es ha’am Mi’Mitzrayim Ta’avdul Es Ha’Elokim Al Ha’har Ha’zeh,” “when I will take the people out of Egypt, they will serve G-d on this mountain” (Har Sinai). The purpose of taking us out of Egypt was not to become wanderers; rather, to remain servants under a different master, Hashem – the master of the world.

    This is why we have so many intensive preparations before the holiday of Pesach, and this is why we have so many detailed services to perform on the Pesach.

    To conclude with one more point from Rav Brevda. This is the common denominator between the many Mitzvos concluding with a mention of Yetzi’as Mitzrayim. Tzitzis requires us not to stray, our eyes or hearts, from the focus of G-d. How can we be commanded every second of our lives not to stray from G-d – “Ani Hashem…Asher Hotzeisi Eschem Me’eretz Mitzraim” – I Hashem took you out of Mitzrayim to be My slaves, a full time job. How can we not take interest on our loans; it can cause a tremendous loss of money – I took you out; I’m your master and do demand full time to honor me – Hashem. Our entire life should be dedicated to pay back Hashem with the 613 Mitzvos that he commanded us on Har Sini. It’s an entire life of pay-back in any way possible to Hashem Yisboruch.

    Please continue Davening for “Shloma Leib ben Miryam”

    My friend who is a doctor at Sharri Tzedek Hospital went to visit Reb Eliyashev yesterday and he saw him sitting up on a chair in the hospital B”H. It shows us that Tefilah really help !!! lets not give up continue Davening and Bezeras Hashem all of Klall Yisroel will be home and well in time for Pesach.

    Once again, Please continue Davening for Shloma Leib ben Miryam.

  2. Please continue Davening for Rav Brevda “Shloma Leib ben Miryam”

    In one of Rav Shlomo Brevda Shlita Droshes he pointed out, that as much as we admire some of the men who learn Torah, we should admire the women even more.

    The men feel the tremendous pleasure of Toiling in Torah. Working on a difficult piece an eventually seeing even a drop of light can be a tremendous feeling of ecstasy.

    However, what satisfaction do the women feel? She works hard and then the kids get hurt and she has to calm them and make supper….

    Rav Brevda concluded this point by assuring that he has a very good source for this. He recalled that he heard it from Rav Aharon Kotler, z.t.l. 63 years ago (1949) the Rosh Hayeshivah and founder of the Lakewood Yeshiva.

    Rav Aharon said that we (men) get a Sippuk-sense of fulfillment from learning Torah. What do the women get? We sometimes “Batul”-waste our time in middle of learning-but women are constantly busy, non stop, they don’t have Bain Hazmanim.

    Rav Aharon stressed that the women will share in the reward for our learning Torah but they won’t share in our Bitul Torah.

    Rav Brevda recalls that some of the “Yunger-Leit”-members of the Kolel in Lakewood where arguing with Rav Aharon on this issue. They asked him, “Are you saying that my wife will get more out of my own Torah learning than I will?

    Rav Aharon answered emphatically, “Yah”!! Gleib mir vos ich zog!!-Yes!!! believe me what I say!! Women are sacrificing more than men, especially in our generation.

    Please continue Davening for Rav Brevda “Shloma Leib ben Miryam”

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