Tefillos for Rav Yehudah Tirnauer

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rav-yehudah-tirnauerYidden across the globe are asked to daven for Rav Yehudah Tirnauer, the beloved senior rov of the legendary Shomer Shabbos shul in Boro Park, Brooklyn, who is in need of rachamei Shomayim. The name for Tehillim is Rav Yehudah ben Chana Basya.

The Shomer Shabbos shul, located at 53rd Street and 13th Avenue in Boro Park, is renowned for its minyanim around the clock. The shul is led by the rov, Rav Tirnauer, and his son, Rav Yitzchok Eizik Tirnauer, the rav hatzair. The man behind many of the efforts at the shul is the devoted gabbai, Rabbi Moshe Metzger, who is assisted by Reb Hillel Moses.

The third floor of the shul building is a bais medrash where people learn twenty-four hours a day. On the bottom floor, since 1996, the shul has had accommodations for all Yidden to come and eat twenty-four hours a day. The shul is also renowned for arranging rides for people.

The shul received the name “Shomer Shabbos Anshei Sefard” in the early part of the last century, when many Yidden were faced with the daunting nisayon of shemiras Shabbos. At the time, there was an early morning Shabbos minyan at the Anshe Sefard Shul in Boro Park. Davening began at 6:30 a.m. and following davening the people went to work, r”l. There was a group of Yidden, however, who did not go to work on Shabbos and wished to daven in a minyan of only shomrei Shabbos and only those who were makpid on taharas hamishpacha. A 9 a.m. minyan was established each Shabbos by these Yidden, and thus the minyan became known as Shomer Shabbos Anshei Sefard.

May the mara d’asra, who has led this precious mikdash me’at for so many years, merit a refuah sheleimah besoch she’ar cholei Yisroel.

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  1. May he have a refua shelaima. A tzadik, who cares for all. His shiurim are very geshmak.

    BTW, Rabbi Moshe Metzger does all his stuff with just being titled secretary. His good friend Reb Zelig Lider is the Gabai

  2. I am very uncomfortable with the naming of a Shul and labeling its mispallelim as mechalelei Shabbos. The virtues of the Shomrei Shabbos shul should and must be extolled, but how dare we denigrate another Shul that continues to be one of the mainstays of Boro Park with its many Minyanim, Shiurim, etc., etc. Please take this as constructive criticism. Thank you. And may Heaven give Rav Tirnauer shlita a refuah shleima, a full and quick recovery. Thank you.

  3. I met Rov Tirnauer in 1969 when he was Rov of Noda B’Yehuda shul in Washington Heights. I had no family in New York and he opened his home to me for Shabbos and Yom Tov. He and his family were great influences on me. I pray for his refuah shleima.

  4. #11
    It doesn’t seem that any denigration was intended, the Shomrei Shabbos shul got its name because of its history – it seems that there was no intention to ch”v insinuate that today there is a shmiras Shabbos problem with the other shul.

  5. Rav Tirnauer is my cousin and such a very special Rav. Wishing Rav Tirnauer a speedy refuah Shleima and a full recovery.


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