Tefillos for Rebbetzin Jakobowitz


lord-jakobovichFellow Yidden are asked to be mispallel for Rebbetzin Amelie Jakobowitz, the wife of the former Chief Rabbi of England, Rabbi Emmanuel Jacobowitz. Her name for Tehillim is Mayla Bas Frumet. She is 83 years old and in critical condition. She is suffering from pneumonia which led to kidney issues and other complications.

Rebbetzin Jakobowitzis the eldest child of Rav Eliyahu Munk, author of “The Call of the Torah” and “The World of Prayer.” She has been active in numerous chessed organizations, Torah education, and shalom bayis issues until very recently. She comes from a remarkable generation of women and never let the vicissitudes of life stop her ability to pursue her avodas Hashem.

She lives in Hendon London, surrounded by her four daughters.

{By Rabbi Yair Hoffman}

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I believe they spell it Jakobovits.

    Refuoh sheleima bimheira bisoch shear cholei Yisroel to the Rebbetzin, aka Lady Jakobovits.

    Eishes choveir kichoveir.

    Her husband Lord Immanuel (R. Yisroel) Jakobovits z”l was a great man.

  2. Refuah shleima.
    You don’t want to put in pictures of women, so don’t. But don’t put in a picture of someone else, that is an insult. We’re not praying for her husband, we’re praying for her.

  3. Could the tone of the comments be refined a bit? I’m talking about on all the articles. Why all the anger and sarcasm (eg., Shlomo Zalman’s comment)? The same thing could be said with derech eretz. Regarding the picture, it does look funny at first glance to see a picture of a man in an article about a woman, but, I think it’s there to give us some idea who is being spoken about. As “FYI” said, eishes chover k’chover. In any case, it doesn’t hurt.


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