Tehillim for Rav Avrohom Genechovsky

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rav-avrohom-genechovskyAll are asked to daven and say Tehillim for Rav Avrohom Genechovsky, rosh yeshiva at the Tchebiner Yeshiva in Yerushalayim.

Rav Genechovsky is now at Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center in Yerushalayim after having recently traveled to the United States to receive medical treatment. His condition is serious.

Surgery was performed last month on Rav Genechovsky to remove a tumor in his liver, but his condition took various turns for the worse, as doctors have attempted to address the medical complications that have arisen.

While Rav Genechovsky initially attempted to continue being at the yeshiva, that became too difficult as his illness became worse. He is in need of rachamei shomayim.

Over Shabbos, Rav Genechovsky, despite his poor health condition, participated in tefillos at the Sanzer Bais Medrash, near his home, on Rechov Rav Yehuda Halevi in Bnei Brak. He also attended a Siyum Hashas at the bais medrash during seudah shlishis.

Tonight, many of his talmidim and admirers were holding tefillah gatherings, including at the Makove Bais Medrash on Rechov Rabbeinu Tam in Bnei Brak, to daven for him

Rav Genechovsky is a highly-regarded mashpiah, mashgiach and maggid shiur, and counts among his talmidim prominent marbitzei Torah.

All are asked to daven and say Tehillim for Rav Avrohom ben Gita.

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  1. let us please put our self-centered lives aside for just a few minutes & daven for this Tzaddik. before its too late & we say i wish i should’ve davened for him….

    lets not add another tzaddik to the tzaddikim that have already left us R”L its our loss not the tzaddiks.

    take out a tehillim, with your wife & children during dinner for 2 minutes & turn your meal into a mitzva

    may he have a speedy refuah shleima

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    Yidden all over the world are asked to please continue Davening reciting Tehillim learn Torah and contribute to Tzodakah as a Zechus for the famous Magid of the generation Harav Shlomo Brevda Shlita, who is in need of a Refuah Sheleimah.

    He has asked that the Olam should please Daven for him, his condition is very painful etc.

    The name for Tehillim is: “Shlomo Leib ben Miriam”

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