Tehillim for Rav Yaakov Henig

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tehillimAll are asked to daven for Rav Yaakov Henig, rov of Khal Chassidim in Bnei Brak, rosh yeshiva of Chug Chasam Sofer and dayan in Pinsk-Karlin, who fell and is in serious condition.

Rav Henig is the father of Rav Yochanan Henig, rosh kollel of Kollel Yechiel Yehudah, the Chassidishe Kollel of Los Angeles. He is the father-in-law of the Aleksander Rebbe of Cleveland.

The name for Tehillim is Rav Yaakov ben Alta Chana Zissel.

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  1. Yidden all over the world are asked to continue Davening reciting Tehillim learn Torah and contribute to Tzodakah as a Zechus for the famous Magid of the generation Harav Shlomo Brevda Shlita, who is in need of a Refuah Sheleimah.

    He asked that the Olam should please Daven for him, his condition is critical and painful.

    The name for Tehillim is: “Shlomo Leib ben Miriam”


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