TEHILLIM: Rafael Shmuel ben Fraydel Miriam, A Young Boy In Critical Condition After A Transplant

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  1. so cute!!! hes an extraordinary child!! so mature and confident!!! may heva have a full refuah and know of no pain and suffering in his life!! please keep us posted on how hes doing!!

  2. Klal Yisrael is haylig! Look at this holy neshama! Can we let him down? Dare we let him down?
    His name now is Refael Shmuel ben Fraidel Miriyam. May he have his bar Mitzva at the Bet Hamikdash.

  3. Keep davening! He’s undergone two surgeries in the past few days and is scheduled for a third Monday morning. The issue is unusually complex and while there are many improvements so far, he’s not out of the woods. So far, everything is a huge נס but he still needs more ניסים, which he got (according to this humble accountant) due to the many תפילות and קבלות טובות made on his behalf by כלל ישראל. Keep it up! We are a force to deal with when we act with אחדות.


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