Tehillim Tele-Conference Next Sunday As Yaakov Yosef’s Transfer from Japan Drags On

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japan-yaakov-yosefA massive Tehillim tele-conference for women as a zechus for Yaakov Yosef ben Raizel, still imprisoned in Japan,will be held next Sunday at 9  p.m. Call 718-258-2008 option 9 selection 1 to participate.

Yaakov Yosef ben Raizel has been in prison for almost four years – 46 months.

The image of a Japanese jail cell, the hunger, cold, loneliness and pain is one of intense fear for all of us. Yet, for one boy this is not an image, it is his reality, and it has been for so long. The Askonim involved, together with the support of Klal Yisroel worldwide, have moved heaven and earth trying to ease Yaakov Yosef’s living conditions as well as to expedite his transfer to Erets Yisroel.

Unfortunately, the transfer is taking much longer than expected, due to Japan’s scrutiny of past prisoners’ transfer and the terms of their transfers. Before Japan releases Yaakov Yosef, the government is investigating Israel’s policies toward transferred prisoners. Every time the Japanese government sends a question to Israel, the Israeli government must research and answer the question, and this is a lengthy and tedious process.

Yaakov Yosef’s bags are packed, his papers are processed and he is ready to leave at a moments notice. The continuous questions by the Japanese government are holding up the transfer. We, his brothers worldwide, can do what Yidden have done throughout the ages, to create a change across the world. By opening our hearts and davening for Yaakov Yosef, we can expedite his transfer. Join the Tehillim tele-conference one week from today.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I have heard Ostreicher is not in prison even though he can not leave the country, and that he has excellent legal counsel. Please if we are wrong, inform us and we will try to help.

  2. Hey everyone what about why are we still in galus?? Let’s all get together and be B’Achdus and go greet Moshiach.. I’m ready, are you??

  3. May the fear of Heaven enter their hearts to feel compassion upon this innocent victim who has suffered enough. Tehilim being said for him by many will surely be answered. We pray that he will soon be back home in E.Y. with his family.


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