Tehillim for Man Injured in Howell Crash (Photos)


All are asked to daven for Shmayah Dovid Yaakov ben Malkah, who was injured in an automobile accident on Route 9 North in Howell, NJ, right outside of Lakewood at about 11:25 this morning, when an open box-bed truck struck a car.

Several people were injured in the incident. The aforementioned victim is undergoing surgery at Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, NJ.

The accident has snarled traffic in the area, with multiple emergency personnel at the scene.

crash (1) crash (2) crash (3) crash (4) crash (5) crash (6) crash (7)



  1. Refuah Sh’leimah.
    No need to post the same picture/s more than once. The readership appreciates not having to scroll down unnecessarily. Thank you.


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