Tel Aviv: No Kapparos on City Streets

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kapparosThe Tel Aviv Municipality is encouraging the city residents to perform Kapparos with money, instead of with live chickens. For those who wish to perform the minhag with live chickens, it is strictly forbidden to perform Kapparos on the city streets, Kikar reports.

Supervisors will be out on the streets making sure that the law is upheld.

It is permitted to perform the kapporos at stores and specially designated places, stated Natan Elnatan, vice-mayor of Tel Aviv-Yaffo.

“This is not a new regulation,” he said. “This has been implemented for the past few years. Last year it was forbidden to perform Kapparos on public property.”

The Knesset Economic Committee vetoed the Agriculture Ministry’s request to add restrictions to the manner in which the minhag is performed, making it more difficult to keep the minhag. The committee rebuffed the suggestions, however, and the Agriculture Ministry has launched a campaign encouraging the use of money and not live chickens for Kapparos.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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