Tel Aviv Shul Saved From Vagrants

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Until four years ago, the Khal Chassidim Shul in southern Tel Aviv’s Menashe Ben Yisrael Street functioned as a beis tefillah with regular prayers and shiurim. But because many observant Jews were leaving the area, the gabbai put it up for sale.

Tel Aviv Jews appealed to the Tel Aviv Beis Din headed by Rav Nissim ben Shimon, head of the Tel Aviv botei din, arguing that the sale of the shul contravened halachah as the existing building could still be used as a shul if it was made available not only to chassidim as until now, but to every kind of observant Jew. Meanwhile, the shul became a hangout for drug addicts and Africans who broke windows and filled the building with garbage.

The beis din finally ruled that the shul must be renovated and new trustees were appointed to renovate it and renew its activities.

“Over the past year, drug addicts discovered that the place was abandoned and began to infiltrate,” a Jew involved with the shul said. “They desecrated and destroyed the shul, breaking windows and destroying walls. Recently new trustees were appointed over the shul who are doing everything in their power to restore it to a dignified place of worship. It should be noted that the trustees are working days and nights to renovate the shul.”

David Steger – Israel


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