Telshe Yeshiva Lanetzach Campaign Is Going Live Aleph Av

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Each year at Telshe Yeshiva of Cleveland we host our annual dinner to honor our alumni and celebrate the Torah of Telshe Yeshiva. This year things are different and we had to adapt to the challenge Hakadosh Baruch Hu sent our way. Instead of a dinner we are hosting this 36 hour campaign in the hopes that our fellow Yidden will see it fit to support the cause of Torah and allow us to continue reaching great heights in Ruchnius and Yiddishkeit.

The Telshe Yeshiva of Cleveland has been a bastion of Torah in America for nearly 80 years. Throughout its illustrious history, thousands of ​lomdei Torah ​have grown to become role models and Torah leaders. They continue to relive and build upon their experiences again through the next generation of children and talmidim.

We chose to host our fundraiser during the 9 days leading up to the biggest destruction in Jewish history- the destruction of our Beis Hamikdash. It’s specifically on days like these that we need to be reminded that Torah is forever and nowhere is that message clearer than at Telshe Yeshiva.

An enduring past. ​Built from embers after the Holocaust, the Telshe yeshiva’s glorious continuation in America is the centerpiece of its storied past.

An impactful present. ​As the world around us changes, the yeshiva continues to empower our talmidim to commit themselves to the highest standards of Torah and Yiras Shamayim.

An eternity of memories, of growth, of innovation, of learning, of Torah.

It all comes together to create a yeshiva of ​nitzchiyus.

Your donation sustains the precious Torah learned by each Telshe .הרותה תצבּרה talmid! ​Please support the yeshiva’s unwavering endeavors.

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