Ten Arrested In Yerushalayim For Allegedly Holding Dozens Captive In ‘Cult’

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Police raided a compound in Yerushalayim Monday morning which is suspected of having been used to house a cult in which dozens of women and children were held against their will.

Ten people were arrested in the raid, including a 60-year-old man who ran the school located on the premises, along with nine female suspects.

Authorities suspect the school, which operated as a separate and tightly knit-community, was in practice a cult which used coercion and abuse to force dozens of women and children to remain there against their will.

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  1. This made up story is not true. I am not affiliated with this place but I live around the corner and investigated this horrible [NEVER HAPPENED] situation, concluded that it’s 100% מוציא שם רע. What a bunch of lies!!! One can’t even call it Loshon Hora because it never took place.

    Yes the police raided the places and arrested some… but it’s all because it’s a School that for Balai Teshuva and some of the parents (of girls over 18) are not happy that their daughters became Frum! BTW they are all over 18 and may choose their path of Torah life.


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