Tennessee Judge Under Fire For Posting Article Stating Jews Should ‘Get Over The Holocaust’

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A Tennessee criminal court judge has been facing calls to resign for posting on his Facebook page a link to an article that states that Jews should “get (***) over the Holocaust.”

Numerous organizations, including Jewish ones such as the Anti-Defamation League, and the Memphis Jewish Federation and Jewish Foundation of Nashville & Middle Tennessee, have called for Jim Lammey of the Shelby County Criminal Court to be reprimanded.

On Wednesday, Shelby County Commissioners took the first step on censure by voting for a resolution that was in favor of doing so. The resolution will be considered by the 13-member commission on Monday.

A local newspaper, The Commercial Appeal, first reported on the development, which included revealing that the judge has also shared anti-immigrant posts on Facebook.

Lammey denied to the outlet that he’s an anti-Semite.

“I certainly don’t agree with that, being a Holocaust denier,” he said. “My best friend, who’s deceased now, was Jewish, and I wouldn’t do that.”

Lammey was elected to office in 2006. In 2014, he was re-elected to an eight-year term.

“Judge Lammey continues to defend his social-media posts that link to anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and racist remarks and negative images of faith-based and ethnic minorities. He stands behind his disparaging and unsubstantiated rhetoric about immigrants,” stated the Memphis Jewish Federation and Jewish Foundation of Nashville & Middle Tennessee in a letter to Timothy Discenza, disciplinary counsel at Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct.

“He attempts to justify his own anti-Semitic and racist posts by stating that he ‘had a Jewish friend’ and Latinos have ‘done a heck of a good job on his roof’—statements which are classic anti-Semitic and racist tropes,” continued the letter.




  1. What an absolute low life I wonder if he ever told the blacks to get over slavery which would be a much more valid point considering the use that excuse for all kinds of destruction

  2. He means stop using it as a political tool and stop playing victim. And he’s right. It’s almost 100 yrs already

    • 0’st, Time doesn’t heal, it just creates people who don’t learn from the past.

      1st, Why is time-gap a reason to discontinue the fight against Racism and Antisemitism, while using the Holocaust as a lesson and an example to what can happen if Antisemitism is not confronted and battled against?

      2nd, How long ago was the shooting in Poway, CA?

      3’rd, Why are today’s violent Antisemites (Islamic and Nazi alike) who would gladly execute another Holocaust, so busy with denying it? Seemingly, the’re afraid of the world taking the necessary precautions to stop them.

      4’th, The recent increase of violent Antisemitism only compels us to teach more about the Holocaust.

      5’th, I’m 100% offspring of Holocaust survivors, yet I don’t know anyone who plays victim. We’re just committed to learn and teach the lessons that the Holocaust should have taught all of humanity.

      6’th, Don’t ever identify yourself in public, with your above comment.

    • Dear Anon, stop playing victim regarding your brain damage caused by your fall from a couch when you were a baby. Go back to president Assad, you dumb traitor.

    • and yet the south still flys one of the flags of the confederacy! doesnt seem like their over it. what can you expect from a hick. you can dress a pig up in lipstick!

    • Is this what you also say to those who still cry and mourn every night for the destruction of the Bais Hamikdash when saying Tikun Chatzos? No, it’s not an easy feat to move on. Losing so many relatives and loved ones is very painful and will hurt forever for all descendants.

    • 70 years is still fresh for children and grandchildren of survivors! you should be ashamed to have typed such a comment. go say such a thing in a public area such as a shul or meeting place of Jews. see if your treated as kindly as the anonymous internet!

    • The Holocaust survivors are the perfect example of people who know how to move on in spite of the horrors they endured.
      But that’s not done in terms of “getting over”!…
      It’s the past that teaches us how to plan the future.
      The Jewish nation is not considered a nation based on color, accent, common food, language or homeland. But on some ancient history that creates a common aspiration for the future, that the Jewish people find to be more significant, important and relevant than the factors of the present.
      If we can “get over” the Holocaust, we may as well “get over” many other periods of our history, and if so – we are not a nation.

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