Tenth Kollel Family Moves into Minneapolis

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The Minneapolis Community Kollel celebrated a milestone this past week with the arrival of its newest family, Rabbi Dovid and Mrs. Avigail Biron, of Los Angeles and Denver, respectively.

For the first time since the founding of the city of Minneapolis in 1856, there will be ten full-time lomdei Torah in the community. This gives Minneapolis “city” status not only in the secular world, but in the eyes of Chazal as well, as the Gemara says in Maseches Megillah that an ihr needs asarah batlanim, ten people devoted to nothing but limud haTorah.

This continues the expansion of the kollel that began with the addition of five new families this past Elul, with the assistance of Rabbi Lazer Goldstein of Bais Medrash Govoah in Lakewood. The nucleus of talmidei chachomim learning day and night will continue to power the kollel in its mission to infuse the community of Minneapolis with the ruach of growth in Torah and Yiddishkeit.

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  1. It happens to be that Rashi defines asara batlanim as ten people who make sure there’s always a minyan and not necessarily learning, but of course the zchus of another yungerman learning in the city cannot be overestimated, and in fact the whole world exists in their zchus, see sanhedrin 99b and the pnei yehoshua in brachos by the gemara which explains why we say ashrei, I think it’s 4b

  2. Yes indeed. Reb Shepsel Roberts a”h, was my father’s mohel, and one of the community founders.

    By the way, it’s Minneapolis MN.

  3. Your gain is our loss!
    Reb Dovid and his family are very much missed by us in Monsey.
    His exceptional ahavas hatorah and ahavas habrios will be a big asset for the Minneapolis community.
    We wish him much Hatzlocha.


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