Terrifying Photo Of A Turbaned Man Wielding A Hatchet Posing In Front Of A Chabad In North Hollywood

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A scary scene took place in front of Chabad of North Hollywood last night, where a masked man holding what appears to be a hatchet posed in front the Chabad House.

These pictures were taken by Noah Oiknine, who said:

“I took these pictures and just witnessed A man with his head covered in a turban with a huge hatchet and sword was making threatening gestures towards the Chabad and the Jewish people! EVERYONE BE ON HIGH ALERT! I already called the police and made a report. Share this message and post and call all your Shul’s and make sure they have armed security in front! I have also called local rabbis to spread the word. I saw him drive off in a white Toyota Corolla, couldn’t catch the plates.”



  1. That’s profiling and it’s illegal cops can’t do anything until he stabs someone. It’s not like it’s a Dunkin donuts getting threatened

  2. It’s only Jews that he’s threatening! Big deal! That’s the way it’s supposed to be! This is the week of עשרה בטבת – we’re lamenting this suffering that we’ve been subjected to for millenia!
    Time to pare really well for the redemption!


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