TERROR: Attempted Stabbing at Tapuach Junction (Video, Photos)

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Israeli police shot dead a 19-year-old Palestinian girl from the village of Asira ash-Shamaliya when she tried to carry out a stabbing attack at the Tapuach Junction today. Boruch Hashem, no Israelis were hurt.

The female assailant approached Border Police officers holding a knife and then, when she failed to listen to their commands to stop, she was shot and killed. The police fired warning shots in the air first, but she ignored them.

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  1. I don’t understand why yhey had to kill her! Couldn’t they just ask her gently to put the knife down? Likely she was working in her kitchen when she became distracted from a cell phone call and just wandered out! Certainly this poor girl had no ill intention.

  2. Good riddance but i rather not see photos of dead human beings. It is unnecessary. There are also children who read this website. Also, as the photo with the knife shows, she was covered with a sheet. The other photo in my opinion gives a wrong idea.


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